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Two-stage dental implants

  1. Screw type two-part implants with “passive” threading of the intra-bone part designed for two-stage or single stage surgery. Two constructive versions of implants are available Radix-Hext and Radix-IIS;
  2. Screw type non-separable implants with “aggressive” threading of intra-bone part designed for single-stage application.  Two versions of implants are available Radix-DM and Radix-I;
  3. Combined implants which combine cylinder and blade forms. These Radix-Combi implants are separable, and they are designed for both single- and two-stage application.

The large nomenclature of implant types and sizes as well as the large nomenclature of prosthetic components allows using Radix implants in any clinical situations requiring dental implantation. The choice of implant type depends on the individual anatomical, topographical and functional characteristics of the dental system of the patient. This is the reason why Radix system is based on multi-modality principle – various implant shapes and various application methods guarantee effective treatment and individual treatment approaches.